We are grateful for the technical assistance, financial support, and advertising endorsements provided by each and every one of our sponsors. We consider it an honor and a privilege to provide a public venue for the demonstration and promotion of their products and services. We highly recommend all of our sponsors, both past and present, as “the best in the business.” Please feel free to call the Texas T-Cart Team or any of our sponsors for additional information.


Portacool, LLC manufactures portable evaporative cooling units: electric, pneumatic, all sizes and accessories. Visit their website, fill out the web form, or call 936-598-5651.

Gulf Coast Avionics

From touchdown to takeoff, Gulf Coast Avionics has the equipment, parts, and service you need, featuring only the very best names in avionics: Garmin, Bendix/King, Lightspeed, Narco, Sigma-Tek, UPS Technologies, Pilot Avionics, P.S. Engineering, and more. Located at the Lakeland Linder Regional Airport in Lakeland, Florida. Visit their website, email info@GCA.aero, or call 800-474-9714.

Flying Colors of Texas

Flying Colors of Texas offers all types of refinishing services on single, twin, and small jet aircraft. They provide high standards of workmanship by offering in-house, custom design service for all paint services. They are located in Gainesville, TX, with a 6,000-foot runway. Visit their website, email mwzello@yahoo.com, or call 940-665-7928.

Aircraft Spruce

Aircraft Spruce is sport aviation’s largest supplier! They carry over 60,000 products, have two regional warehouses, offer same-day shipment, guarantee low prices, friendly sales staff and online ordering. Visit their website, fill out the web form, or call 877-477-7823.

Tomlinson Avionics

Tomlinson Avionics of Texas, Inc. specializes in avionics sales, maintenance and repair. Find them in Gainesville, TX, or call 940-612-2044.


Aeromark, Inc. is located at Aero Country Airport in McKinney, TX. Visit their website or call 972-346-8109.

Strong Enterprises

The Parachute Company with Imagination! Strong Enterprises is the oldest and largest manufacturer of general aviation parachute equipment in the United States. Their worldwide market includes emergency parachutes for pilots and aircrew members, skydiving assemblies, tandem parachutes for training, military troop and special forces equipment. Strong Enterprises products even fly on each space shuttle mission. Visit their website, email sales@strongparachutes.com, or call 800-344-6319.

LightSPEEd Aviation

Designed from scratch to be the most comfortable, best performing, most affordable Active Noise Reduction headsets available, LightSPEED’s ANR headsets are the most popular in the world. Visit their website, fill out the web form, or call 800-332-2421.


GARMIN is a leader in Global Positioning System (GPS) technology and an innovator in consumer electronics, serving both aviation and consumer markets. Visit their website, fill out the web form, or call 800-800-1020.


Shell Development Company’s Westhollow Technology Center counts its Oil Products RD&T as another Texas T-Cart sponsor. Manufacturers of Aeroshell Oil and Lubricants, they are located in Houston, TX. Visit their website, fill out the web form, or call 800-231-6950.

Airflow Performance

Located in Spartanburg, SC, Airflow Performance, Inc. manufactures fuel metering and induction systems. Visit their website, email don@airflowperformance.com, or call 864-576-4512.

Hooker Custom Harness

Manufacturers of Ratchet Seatbelt Systems, Hooker Custom Harness is a mid-America company located in Freeport, IL. Visit their website, email info@hookerharness.com, or call 815-233-5478.

Century Flight Systems

Century Flight Systems, Inc. has manufactured autopilots since 1983. They are located at the Municipal Airport in Mineral Wells, TX. Visit their website, email century@centuryflight.com, or call 800-433-5630.

PS Engineering

Since its founding in 1985, PS Engineering has grown to become the undisputed leader in the field of aircraft intercom and audio panel manufacturing. Visit their website, email contact@ps-engineering.com, or call 800-427-2376.

Anywhere Map

Control Vision has been developing and marketing aviation products since 1991. The Anywhere Map™ is a totally unique tool for today’s pilot, quite unlike anything most pilots have ever used. Visit their website, email sales@anywheremap.com, or call 800-292-1160.

Hi-Fold Doors

Hi-Fold Door Corporation provides hydraulic door needs, offering the ONLY bi-fold doors with high clearance advantages. Hi-Fold Door Corporation is located in River Falls, WI. Visit their website, email sales@hi-fold.com, or call 800-443-6536.

Champion Aerospace

Champion Aerospace is a leading manufacturer of aviation products for turbine and piston engines. Products include spark plugs, oil filters, igniters, exciters, harnesses, and leads. Home offices are located in Liberty, SC. Visit their website, email chrisalfonso@champaero.com, or call 864-843-1162.

Sky Tec

Sky-Tec is the industry leader in lightweight starters for general aviation aircraft. The company has become the clear leader in aircraft starters and the first choice of leading engine OEMs, aircraft manufacturers, engine rebuilders, and aircraft owners alike. Visit their website, email info@skytecair.com, or call 817-573-2250.


Granbury, TX-based Plane Power, Ltd. designs, manufactures and markets a complete line of lightweight, belt-driven alternators for experimental and certified general aviation piston aircraft. Visit their website, email info@plane-power.com, or call 877-359-5355.


Sensenich Propeller Manufacturing Company manufactures and services their own fixed-pitch metal (aluminum) propellers for Type Certified and Homebuilt / Kit aircraft. They also have a CNC machining center for manufacturing aluminum parts in Lititz, PA. Visit their website, email propsales@sensenich.com, or call 813-752-3711.

Oregon Aero

Oregon Aero designs and manufactures more than 500 products for aviation and other industries to prevent and eliminate pain, improve impact protection and reduce noise. Visit their website, email customerservice@oregonaero.com, or call 800-888-6910.

And a special THANKS to the following for their previous support!

Barrett Performance Aircraft, Tulsa, OK

Long’s Aircraft Service, Coleman, TX

Sunstate Propellers, Inc., Tampa FL

The Forest Agency, Oak Park, IL

Howell’s Aircraft Service, Grand Prairie, TX

Air-Tech Coatings, Jacksonville, AR

Adventure LoftJohn Stafford and John Storrie

Wilson Doors, Elkhorn, WI

Flight Suits, El Cajon, CA