Hi y’all, and welcome to our down-home, grass-roots fun page for fans! Our fans are such an important part of Texas T-Cart Airshows, we put a li’l bit o’ every-thang here for your enjoyment.

T-Cart license plate
Yep. Only in Texas. It REALLY is Randy’s license plate, and yep, both his cars are T-Cart blue!

Texas T-Cart Screen Saver

Y’all can have the Texas T-Cart right now, right on your own computer – and it’s free! Just get the Texas T-Cart Screen Saver for Windows.

To download, right-click on the screen saver link above and select “save.” To install your screen saver, locate the file on your hard drive using My Computer or Windows Explorer. Double-click its icon and follow the screen prompts. Modify the screen saver properties by accessing the Display icon in your Settings / Control Panel.

CottonPatch Aerodrome Spin Training

It’s Billy, who always put a special Texas “twist” on spin training at the CottonPatch Aerodrome.

This video clip is in Windows Media Player format. Just click here to get the file and play.

Billy Boy at point
Randy & Jedidiah deeply mourn Billy-Boy’s sudden
& unexpected passing on July 19, 2005…

you’ll be greatly missed, Buddy.