Your interest in Texas T-Cart Airshows is sincerely appreciated, and we hope that we can be of service to your event. As professional entertainers, our primary concerns are whether our aerobatic exhibition routines can fulfill the needs of your air show program, and if our performance style will be a truly unique change of pace for your audience. With these thoughts in mind, please allow us to introduce ourselves.

Texas T-Cart

Texas T-CartOur professional aerobatic performance team features the Texas T-Cart, a highly modified 1946 Clipped-wing Taylorcraft BC-12D; it is truly a one-of-a-kind airplane. Over the years, Randy Henderson and his Texas T-Cart have become a genuine crowd favorite with their graceful presentation of old-time barnstorming grassroots aerobatics.

Exhibition Flights

Texas T-Cart upside downTexas T-Cart Airshows provides events organizers with two diverse exhibition flights in the same air show; together, these distinctly different acts offer a genuine change of pace for air show fans. The T-Cart’s “Aerial Ballet” is a powered routine of Randy’s signature maneuvers choreographed to relaxing music.

Contingent upon show site layout, this performance can include an optional three minute ground show as a “grand finale”; in fact, if weather becomes an issue, our ground show can even be performed in the rain. Our power-off safety of flight demonstration, known as the “Dead Stick,” has an interactive, educational format with a slightly comedic flair. We are both honored and humbled that Randy’s mentor, D/FW-based aerobatic legend Duane Cole, chose to bequeath his Light Plane Safety Demonstration to Randy upon retirement. In addition, Randy is one of the few professional aerobatic pilots who still has the official waiver required for non-aerobatic formation. He can provide your event with a Patriotic Show Opener–the Texas T-Cart is available to circle skydivers as red, white, and blue smoke billows into the sky (white main smoke with red & blue wingtip smoke).

Our Pilot

Randy HendersonRandy Henderson is the pilot for Texas T-Cart Airshows and a veteran performer, beginning his twenty-first season in the air show industry. He is also a championship aerobatic competitor from the 1980s with numerous titles to his credit, ranging from the regional–to the national–to the international level. Over a decade later, Randy proved that he is still a competitor worthy of notice by winning the title of Sporty’s Formula One National Aerobatic Champion in both 1999 and 2000. Since 1979, he has been employed as a commercial pilot for Dallas-based Southwest Airlines, and he has been a Captain on their Boeing 737s for over twenty years.

After the Show

Randy HendersonPerhaps the greatest moments of joy occur after the official performances are completed. Randy always take the time to fulfill audience requests for autographs and photo opportunities. We enjoy lots of interaction with spectators–both on and off stage; this accessibility to fans has become the primary basis for our now widespread appeal within the world of aviation. Quite honestly, we hope to continue our current level of involvement in the air show entertainment industry for many years to come, and we are currently working on improving the relationship between the worlds of general, aerobatic, and commercial aviation.


If you have safety concerns, rest assured that Texas T-Cart Airshows also shares those as well. Randy is one of ICAS’ original Aerobatic Competency Evaluators, and takes an active role in the issuance and renewal of low level waivers (i.e., the F.A.A.’s Statements of Acrobatic Competency) issued to his fellow aerobatic pilots.


In 1991, Randy was honored as a prestigious Gold Seal Performing Member by the Professional Airshow Performers and Producers Association (PAPPA), “in recognition of exceptional skills, dedication, and professionalism” within the air show industry. Moreover, Randy is a long-term member of numerous professional aviation organizations, including the: ACA, AOPA, CRCAS, EAA, IAC, ICAS, and the newly formed Sport Aviation Association (SAA).


Texas T-Cart Airshows also has numerous Associate Sponsors who generously provide us with technical support and financial assistance. We only endorse products and services that we can recommend as “the best in the business”; moreover, it is our policy to exclusively promote those firms with whom we actually do business. As a Christian owned and operated company, each and every one of our Sponsors is required to meet and maintain high standards of ethical business practices, superior product quality, and outstanding customer service.

Publicity Opportunities

We hope you will consider exploring the various potential publicity opportunities that Texas T-Cart Airshows has to offer. As part of our pre-show publicity efforts in the past, we have: been interviewed for television news programs; displayed our aircraft at trade shows; given rides to media, Sponsors, and VIPs; participated in live remote radio broadcasts; provided Sponsor and VIP entertainment and hospitality; visited schools; worked with the local newspaper on feature articles about the event and/or ourselves; plus, we have even helped sell tickets at the local Wal-Mart! Please let us know what we can do to support your PR efforts.

More Information

Your interest in Texas T-Cart Airshows is greatly appreciated. We would be delighted if you would take the time to find out more about us. Please browse our web site and look over the materials in our “Media Center.” In addition, please feel free to directly contact the President of any of our professional associations and/or Sponsor List contacts for character references.

Please do not hesitate to give us a telephone call if you have any questions or would like additional details about Texas T-Cart Airshows. Thank you for your time and consideration. Even if Texas T-Cart Airshows never performs at your particular venue, we sincerely wish you only the best. By sharing the sheer joy of flight with the general public, you will bring smiles of admiration to innumerable faces and make a truly positive contribution to your community. That is what the air show industry is all about!

Blue skies always,

Randy Henderson

Texas T-Cart Airshows