Jedidiah and Dad – Then and Now

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And approximately NINE years later! Wow! Friends, it DOES NOT GET ANY BETTER THAN THIS FOR A DAD! THANK YOU, GOD!

2005 pushback
2015 pushback

Just showed this to Jed and… he teared up with saying WOW about three times… WOW!

Jed just said, “I’ll be thinking about that picture for the rest of my life”…

The “now” photo was taken by Walter Untersee at the 2015 Corsicana Airsho at Corsicana, Texas, Municipal Airport on Saturday, September 26, 2015.

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  1. Wayne Simmons

    I remember when he was just a little baby when they did an air show in Natchez Mississippi in 2004

    • Randy

      That Mr. Simmons, was the show where the A & E Channel was doing a for TV called “Stress Test”. I am told it reruns occasionally even today! THK Yoy for remembering us!
      Randy & Jed

  2. Bill Adams Jr.

    WOW! It doesn’t any better for a Dad, or a Son than this.